TITLE>Modelling and Analysis of Safety and Risk in Complex Systems

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Scientific and Practical Journal "Issues of Risk Analysis".

Twelfth International Scientific School "MODELING and ANALYSIS of SAFETY and RISK in COMPLEX SYSTEMS" (MA SR - 2014) in SAINT-PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, November 18 - 20, 2014

Technologies and Risk Models in Technical Systems
Program chair: Prof. Igor Ryabinin

Technologies and Risk Models in Economics
Program chair: Prof. Eugene Solojentsev


1. Technologies and models for economic safety control at macro and micro level;
2. Methods of quantitative estimation, analysis, forecasting and management of risk and efficiency in economics and engineering;
3. Risk management technologies in structural complex technical and economic systems;
4. Risk management technologies components;
5. Models and procedures for risk management technologies;
6. Risks management technologies software;
7. Practical applications of risk management technologies in economics and engineering;
8. Educational standards to increase competence in estimation, analysis and risk management in systems and processes;
9. New kinds of events and logic-probabilistic (LP) models in risk management technologies;
10. LP risk models for innovation management;
11. LP models of operational risk and capital reservation in banks;
12. LP models of invalidity risk in systems and processes of quality management under ISO 9001-2008 standard.

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